FrogWatch USA - Data Entry and Exploration

Learn to enter, analyze, and visualize FrogWatch USA data through this self-paced course. Video tutorials and activities guide you through the online system, so that you can enter monitoring observation data at a new or existing wetland site, and examine frog and toad observations at wetland sites throughout the U.S. by using maps, graphs, and a unique calling calendar chart. 

Through this course, you will learn how to:

  •          Register as a FrogWatch USA volunteer and sign-in online
  •          Input FrogWatch USA data by creating a new site or adding observations to an existing site
  •          Review and update previously submitted FrogWatch USA data and track your participation
  •          Create a map or use existing maps to explore data spatially
  •          Create a graph or use existing project graphs to analyze data and answer scientific questions
  •          Display data on a calling calendar

Course Fee: $0. This course is offered free of charge to existing volunteers and chapter coordinators. In order to learn how to collect FrogWatch USA data or to start a local FrogWatch USA chapter, new participants must take the Volunteer Training Course or Chapter Coordinator Training Course.

Course Expiration: 12 months from start

Course Duration: Up to 1 Hour. You may exit the course and resume learning at any time within 12 months from starting the course. Downloadable materials are yours to save and keep for future reference.

Questions? Email or call 301-244-3367.